Who designed the cardano website?


Hi guys, I love the design of the Cardano homepage

Can anyone tell me who designed it, as I have a web design brief to fill that I would like to send to them.

Thanks for any info.


@cf_tom.kelly @cf_jonmoss @cf_maki.mukai @IOHK_Richard


@Bitedge Glad you like it. Jason Rai did the design.


Who designed the IOHK site. I would like something similar!


The liquid stuff on the front-page, I believe, is developed by this guy: https://twitter.com/haxiomic

They mention him in the bottom-right corner of the page.

But I’m not sure about the rest of the website.


And everyone interested should definitely check out his pinned tweet:

P.S. Try to reset particles without stopping the fluid :wink: