Who has experience with ADA as a payment method for companies?

Does anyone know about best practices in order to offer payment with ADA as a company? I’ve been reading the threads about paying with ADA in e-commerce, that seems to be pretty much at the beginning.

What about normal payment with an invoice, with an ADA transaction instead of a bank transfer?

How does the processing work when you issue an invoice? How does it work with the necessary (permanent) recipient address?

Daedalus is not necessarily optimised for such purposes at the moment. According to the information on its website, Hotel Ginebra (https://www.hotelginebra.com.es/welcome/), which has been accepting ADA for some time already, now works with Yoroi, which is of course also suitable for customer transfers, e.g. from a smartphone. But also Yoroi is not really a software for business use - verification of transactions / sending of metadata might be a problem / not possible at the moment, but this is probably due to the fact that the computational layer respectively Goguen is not there yet.

Does anyone already have concrete experience?

This is IMO the best prospect for business use: http://syre.info/

Thank you very much. I’ve never heard of this before, I’ll take a close look.

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