Who understands Huobi?

Trying to buy ADA on Huobi. I can’t even find ADA:frog:? Does Huobi carry ADA or if not who does. ???

I don’t personally know Huobi. But here’s a list of exchanges where you can buy/sell Ada, that we have officially partnered with: https://www.cardanohub.org/en/buy-sell-ada/

There are also tons of useful threads in the forum from other community members which share their experiences with each of the exchanges. So that might be worth your time to check out as well :smiley:


I was told that I could only purchase ADA with ETH if I installDeadalus. Thank u cf-maki.m going to check out the link you provided.

You can’t buy ADA using Daedalus, you have to buy on an exchange, then you can withdraw it to the wallet. I mostly buy using ETH on Binance.


Why do people always recommend purchasing ADA with ETH? Why not use BTC? Lower fees?

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When I was doing quite a lot of trading the BTC network was very congested, so both slow and expensive. I believe it’s a lot better now.


I agree!

I found Binance with ETH is pretty efficient, but somehow BTC has more orders.

Hopefully ADA can show up in more exchange platforms!

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oh wow, they added a few since I checked.