Who uses Haskell (potential market for Cardano)

As Plutus is similar to Haskell, I believe it makes sense to know which markets use this language. Cardano is differentiating itself by targeting a specific niche. From what I’ve researched, the financial sector is one of the biggest applications.

Here is a list of companies that use Haskell: https://wiki.haskell.org/Haskell_in_industry

There’re companies like AT&T, Bank of America, Barclays, Credit Suisse, Facebook, Google, Intel, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Siemens, among others.

I’m not sure it matters. You don’t need to write the whole system in Haskell, just the bits that are in the middle of contract logic.

Also, with K-framework you can generate the core bits to pretty much any language. The formalisms still apply because you know all the versions “do the same thing”, and then you can wrap the core bits with whatever language framework you use.

It is interesting that it is already in wide use in those sectors. Should make them comfortable with Cardano.

I think they shelved that K-framework idea till 2020. The machine generated code turned out to be much slower than human generated one… they couldn’t get it to work faster without pouring more money. So they paused the work for now.

I really liked that approach too. Cardano definitely gave up breadth, but might more than compensate with quality and depth.

Focus sometime is the best predictor of success. Finance and blockchain is where all the value is at.


I’m not following all the coding updates, thanks. I’d guess they are still using it to run validations and such. This is also part of why I’m poking with systems engineering questions. I get they have much more to focus on, but it would be good to get more of the broader systems engineering work going sooner rather than later.

I’m searching for other efforts to build shared resources for the whole space. All the work is OS. If more projects start projects establishing more formal foundations and shared taxonomies, then the Cardano work will help them get jump-started. Charles has said that it isn’t about which project wins, but about having the best tools and systems in the end.

I’d be curious what organization people would nominate for their work in the global currency commons. I’ve come across a few, but I’m not sure there is any one trying to establish “stewardship” more broadly and unite the best efforts and align them so they are not repeating each other.

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