Why ADA is present on 2-3 exchanges


Hello everybody! Why ADA is present on 2-3 exchanges … Add on Livecoin, so it was convenient to work.


I can’t speak specifically to Livecoin, but they’ve had to work closely with the exchanges they’re on to get the wallets working optimally. I think they just want to iron out the kinks before going to more exchanges.


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Charles explained it in one of the recent interviews with giraffes behind his back. They decided to launch earlier before being 100% ready for real-world loads. They picked fewer exchanges and set up a 24/7 support line for fixing what breaks ASAP. Right on the Christmas eve things got broken, as “expected” :slight_smile: Now, all technical issues are solved and they expect to add more exchanges in the second half of February which is right behind the corner.


This is because they are making performance improvements to the code to handle increased rates of activity on exchanges. Exchanges will be able to make withdrawals for many users in a single transaction. This will significantly increase the rate of withdrawals that the exchanges can process, by increasing the number of users that can be served with a fixed volume of transactions. A new application programming interface (API), is being delivered to support this feature. In addition, other APIs are being revised to ensure that they can integrate with more exchanges.

They are working closely with the Binance and Bittrex exchanges to ensure that any maintenance issues are tested, deployed and resolved in a timely fashion. Dedicated development and operations teams have been tasked to work on these areas. To improve maintenance with exchanges they have created a support tracking system to monitor incoming requests.


Thank you all for the information. We will wait, hope, and believe)))


Is there a fee’s post for exchange or transfer rate?