Why am I suddenly getting a "Node Crashed" message on my mainnet wallet?

I haven’t had issues with the mainnet wallet before. Now this…
Does anyone know why?

It happens occasionally, nothing to worry about, just restart.

I have restarted many times. Removed wallet completely and reinstalled and it still says “Node Crashed”.
I gave up trying to make the ITN wallet work because it was useless.
Now mainnet is acting up.
Has anyone else experienced this recently? And how did you fix it?

Sorry but just to be clear, did you delete the data/state folder?

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I found an article on the “node crash” subject and followed step by step and I’m syncing up now.
Thanks for replying, Rob. I’m on my way to a good wallet again.
I think my computer must have frozen up and crashed the node. Have a good one!