Why cardano project is important to me (Non monetary reason)

From where I am the most vulnerable person in society doesn’t have insurance, can’t afford insurance, doesn’t even know how insurance work unlike western nations and probably japan too there is no mandatory insurance policy for every citizens.

To me this is absurb, people who are the least risky to fall sick hit by a bus have the most insurance and people who rides motocycle like this can’t afford insurance nor been approached by any insurance agent for obvious reason, the lack of incentives.

from my understanding cardano is trying to fix this problem by lowering the cost of financial services and remove non value added middleman.


Cryptocurrencies are doing, and very strongly, is to skip the govenment regulation and delivering the power to the people to make their trades freely.
This allows parasites states, that sucks the soul out of its citzens dry, to starve as they deserve.

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