Why does my BPN show 3 peers IN?

I have configured my BPN node to talk with ONLy my relay node on port 6000. I have also allowed the firewall to accept incoming connections from the relay on 2 other ports for prometheus and grafana monitoring purposes. Other than that there is NOTHING. So how does my BPN show 3 IN peers??? I can only imagine that it is also calculating the two connections on the other ports for monitoring?

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Nope, press P in glive and check what IPs are thereā€¦ mine sometimes shows 3 but after pressing P always come back to 2

This is what it is showing. Is something wrong here?
Screen Shot 2021-05-14 at 6.50.55 PM


That is strange something in your own machineā€¦
to figure it out which process using that connection use this command:
sudo netstat -napot

good - so two cardano-node process connects to your node - two relays on the same machine

I only have 1 relay which is a separate node. I think it may be the cncli-sync and cncli-sendtip service I have running on my BPN. i just recently created those as per the coincashew guide recommendation. Thoughts?

hmm - good assumption!
let me check my nodeā€¦

I think that was it. I stopped those services and the monitor is now showing 1 IN

I am using sendtip and not showing to IN peers

tcp        0      0         ESTABLISHED 6012/cardano-node    off 
tcp        0      0          ESTABLISHED 49044/cncli          keepalive (7.29/0/0)

yes, I have this as well. So looks everything fine.

Hmm, what about the other service, cncli-sync?

interesting - sendtip can also make a connection to get the actual height, then sending it out to pooltoolā€¦ but I dont have that process on my node to checkā€¦

cncli-sync is definitely starting a cardano-nodeā€¦
ps -ef | grep cardano-node

you will get the info about the process, like

user       49269 47634  0 23:16 pts/0    00:00:00 grep --color=auto cardano-node

the 3rd column is the group process id - search it, and you will get the process which started the cardano-node
ps -ef | grep 47634

user       49267 47634 35 23:16 pts/0    00:00:09 cncli sync --host -p 3001