Why is my node not getting any blocks?

Hi Everyone,

I started getting into the Cardano scene thanks to my work and set up Testnet relay and node servers. My hope was that I would be able to use the information that I saw from that experience to transfer directly over to the mainnet I would create later. However, I have been requesting extra ADA from the faucet every day and I still haven’t seen any blocks or rewards. My Ticker is BSPKE and my ranking is listed as 191 as of writing this according to Daedalus. I have 500 ADA as my pledge and have about 127K in my local wallet delegated to it.

I guess I’m curious if I need to have more ADA staked in order to produce a block, or if having a massive delegation to the pool would be enough?


  1. U will need more than 127k ADA to create blocks each epoch (~1M ADA for 1 block/epoch average)
  2. Can u share the gliveview output?


Is it the same for the testnet?

On testnet you need about 700k tADA for about 1 block per Epoch. But on testnet you can request and receive 10M tADA for your testnet stake pool.

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Delegated 250k tADA (it’ll take 2 epochs for the protocol to pick it up for your pool). ~300k to go :smiley:

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I think that I saw that gLiveView required that another port be opened and I’m trying to make these servers as secure as possible. Does the amount (~1M ADA) need to be staked or can it simply be delegated for the blocks to start being received?

You’re the best!
Should I message the developers to try and get the remaining amount, or is there a better way?

can be both or any, it doesn’t matter

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Thank you for reaching back out and giving me the guidance that I needed. I truly appreciate it

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Also try asking for tAda or delegation on the SPO telegram channel. They are very helpful Telegram: Contact @CardanoStakePoolWorkgroup