Why is my Pool vKey empty?

I am trying to register a staking pool, got to the end, but when I check on
the Pool vKey is empty ? I guess this is not ok, which step did I miss ?
PoolId : b29a5e998566ad7677f283ac9da7b67acf578fe816268d8d41b8282921355c21

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I am having the same problem. From what I’ve read, other nodes must also add you to their topology file. Then you have to wait until you mint a block for the Pool vKey to be updated.

Yes, that exactly what I heard today, must be correct then.
You can use this to connect with more mode apparently:

To get on the IOHK topology list, you can add yourself via a pull request.


Hello, my node seems to work fine, except topologyUpdater which is returning ‘blockNo seems to be out of sync’ so i manually add a list of peers in my topology file.
But i still have no block minted after more than 2-3 days, does it exists a script that checks health of a node ? How can i know if my node is working as expected ? Thanks.