Why my mc4 stake pool didn't appear in daedalus despite being registered and running


I created stake pool for mc4. I registered it. I run producer node and relay node. I got in topology file for relay node standard testnet adress and my producer node adress. In producers topo file I had just my relay node adr. I run both nodes. Producer showed 1 peer and relay showed 3 peers (1 was producer and 2 was from the testnet adresses). But my stake pool didn’t appear in daedalus, so nobody could stake to it. What could I do wrong? Is this because nobody was connected to my relay? If yes, how to get somebody to connect to my relay?

ok, today after several hours I can see my stake pool in daedalus finally. I don’t know why it took so long, but at least I know I did everything ok. Unfortunatelly I turned it off yesterday, because I thought that I missed sth. But its ok.

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It takes around 2 epochs for a pool to appear IIRC. Though in PoolTool it’s much quicker.