Why not getting any pool rewards

Hi guys, i have beent running JRNY stake pool for 20epochs now, i been having around 100-130k ADA staked at my pool. However by now - no success in winning any single
Blocks. I
Believe pool works as as functions work and i didnt get any errors when running a report.

Any advices whats wrong or what to change to
Start winning? Appreciate help, thnx :slight_smile:


U will need (like any other small pool) to convinge the delegators to delegate to ur pool…
All small pools have this problems :frowning:
For 1 block/epoch average the pool needs ~1M ADA stake

But having 20epoch x 100k is already 2M, which should result in at least 2blocks minted (if you say 1M = 1block).

And how about such poola that has only 2k ADA and already minted 4blocks ?

Are they extreemely lucky?or they know something i dont?:slight_smile:

Its a little endless game to get millions of Ada without having any luck historicaly yet :slight_smile:

Luck + for 2 blocks the pool had 500k stake

This in not right… the chances are calculated for each epoch not for the life time