Why sometime there are multiple TxHash?


I am seeing this weird behavior where when I run the following command on mainnet I see only a single TxHash but when I try it on the testnet I see multiple TxHash.

cardano-cli query utxo --address $address --mainnet

What I did was I ran testnet node and made two test wallets. From 1st wallet, I send around 2 ADA 3 times and now I see 3 different TxHash when I run the above-mentioned caradno-cli command.

But when I was on mainnet and a friend of mine sent me ADA(around 2-3 ADA each time) multiple times to my mainnet address, I only saw a single TxHash value every time I ran the cardano-cli command to check the wallet balance.

So I wanted to ask under what circumstances do we see multiple TxHash and when do we see single TxHash?