Why were there so many problems with Daedalus?

Question from Reddit: I tried installing the wallet on a Windows PC and there were multiple problems that ended up with me uninstalling it, reading this sub I know that there are a lot of problems with the official wallet. This is quite worrying since Cardano is one of the top projects. The wallet is not the most important part of the network but this project seems to aim to excellence with peer reviews, testing, etc.; having an official wallet with multiple bugs and not working properly is a huge red flag. Why did this happen in the first place and what is being done to address this problem?

Answer: Some users have experienced issues installing the Daedalus wallet. We started a project to rewrite the backend from scratch. That new wallet backend was first released in the 1.4 release, and it has been improved over time. We expect most remaining problems to be resolved as we roll out the Shelley release. Yoroi, a light wallet that runs in the browser, is an alternative option if you experience issues using Daedalus.

Additional resources:
Please be sure to download Daedalus from the official website as we have seen a few fake/scam Daedalus wallets: https://daedaluswallet.io

If you are having problems with Daedalus, be sure to check out the help articles at the IOHK HelpDesk: https://iohk.zendesk.com/hc/en-us and you can submit support tickets here too!

If you are interested in using Yoroi, head to their website here: https://yoroi-wallet.com (It is now available for mobile use for Android and iOS!)