Why wont funds transfer to new Yoroi Wallet?


So, I originally had a Yoroi wallet with my ADA in it. I realized a couple weeks ago that I lost my seed phrase (silly I know) so I decided to create a new Yoroi wallet that I can transfer most of my ADA into. I sent 100 ADA to the new wallet to test it and make sure it would work and it did. I generated a new address in my new wallet to send another amount (not sure why I did this, but it felt safer?) and I haven’t received the ADA yet.

When looking at the transactions from my old wallet, I notice that this most recent transaction status just says “submitted” and once I click on it the address type of one of the addresses just says “processing”.

This is the address that has the “processing” address type: addr1qyrqhpha0sth3jj62wrypjlcfydtz4v049sz6364l2fulzpc4h5u0l4mxjj9wrlrzsqk428nuw8fxwsmt9tnsw98eunsh58pg8

I was wondering if someone could tell me what exactly does this mean, and if there’s anything that I can do to either make this transaction complete or anything at all.



This address has only 100 ADA received… probably the 2nd transaction wasn’t processed due to sync or congestion issues…

can’t u try to send a new transaction? Did u tried? What is the current balance for ur old wallet? Is the same amount as on cardanoscan.io?

If not, to fix this issue re-sync your old wallet (and the transaction will disappear) go to settings → wallet → re-sync

Then perform a new transaction… and yes it’s safe to use a new address when u send the funds


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Sorry for the late reply, was expecting a notification in my email. I haven’t tried to send a new transaction but I will. The current balance is exactly the same before the big transaction.

Re-syncing did resolve that transaction though as it’s not appearing anymore. Thank you for your help!

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Now perform a new transaction… it should work

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I tried to send some ADA from Nami to Yoroi and it took the funds but in history assurance says high and the number just keeps going up its been 8hrs nothing in Yoroi yet. what do I do.

You can try to resync Yoroi (under Settings – Wallet). And you can compare the receive address if you really sent it to the right address.