Why would you want to have ASTOR on board with SundaeSwap?

In case you like to see ASTOR helping, praising, complaining, supporting, etc. SundaeSwap by their Cardano DEX effort, here are some points you might want to consider …

  • We’ve been providing/maintaining the multiarch Docker container for Cardano for over a year
  • know our stuff with Haskell & Plutus and already have a swap contract running for ASTOR
  • learned together with Sundae at the first Plutus Pioneer program
  • we run non profit for the benefit of many, no interest in huge profits through Sundae either
  • stuff learned with them, will benefit the community here
  • CardanoFoundation delegated generously to ASTOR in appreciation of our tech

Anyway, just in case you’re undecided here my 20000 Lovelace :slightly_smiling_face:


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