Why Yoroi 15 phase code cannot recovery in mobile android?


I need to get some help. I was created Yoroi wallet in Chrome extension successfully and remember the 15 phase code. I want to also to have it on my mobile android hence i installed Yoroi on my phone and when setup i choose recovery code 15 phase code , but the code not work. Any idea ? Is this design behavior only allow one wallet at one location , cannot multi existed in different location ?

I not dare to test remove my chrome Yoroi wallet , because i afraid later cannot recovery back. I am so confuse now, who can help? I triple confirm the 15 phase code are correct as i record in multiple place , compare it is correct.

Thank you

It should work. Did you make sure to get official copy of Yoroi, there are some fake ones going around. You can check from Emurgo page link. EMURGO

The wallet on chrome is byron or shelley?

open yoroi:

  • add wallet (shelley or byron era)
  • restore wallet
  • use the 15 seed words

If not working then try to find the seed words, if u won’t find it the create another wallet and transfer the funds to the new wallet

Thanks all for the feedback.

For safety purpose, I create a test wallet on chrome and then tried restore in mobile android success. So i guess one of my key is wrong (no idea ??? haha) . Then i create another new wallet , move all my crypto to new wallet (sad of some fee charges) and then also sync to mobile android done.

My issue clear. I hope after 10 year the phase key still can use not like my first wallet (really no idea , multiple copy saving still will go wrong !!! haha)

Thanks again

Always check the seed words before to delete a wallet and u will be fine… btw did u delegated ur ada for rewards?