Wiki transition

Given that @RobJF has recently announced his retirement

i thought it only made sense to create a topic for us to discuss how we can conduct this transition.

I have some ideas, which i’ll be adding on here and i’m looking forward to hearing yours. :bowing_man:

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Thanks for prompting me to think this through. This is how I see it now.

There is no existing mechanism or process by which the community can reach a proper democratic/decentralized decision, nor any prospect of such in the near future.

I was co-founder of the wiki (with @CosmosX who is no longer active), I’m the registered owner of the domain, and I paid for the first two years of hosting, to 5 March 2020 (of which the first year costs were recouped from donations and the second year costs are still outstanding).

Therefore I see it as my responsibility to care for the wiki until such time as the community can make proper decisions.

In the meantime, I will retain ownership of the domain and Bureaucrat status on the wiki.

As per my retirement announcement I will no longer feel duty-bound to make regular contributions and will hand over the Twitter account to a suitable person, who will be expected to regularly promote the wiki. I will provide any reasonable assistance that contributors might require on a best efforts basis. And having received a number of offers of free hosting, I intend to choose one and complete the migration process before the end of the current period ie 5 March 2020 at latest, but probably much sooner.

I believe that covers all the main issues, but of course everyone is free to comment. :grin:


Hi @RobJF

Any thoughts on a timeframe by which you would like to have completely handed this over by?

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have a good one Rob, enjoy the retirement!! :slight_smile:


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yes. great point. this needs to be quite a key part of the conversation. i have had some thoughts about this, i shall share once i’ve managed to distill them.

@phil.lewis given that rob mentioned that he was mid redesign of the homepage, i think there’s value in spinning up that placeholder where we or i can try out some redesign ideas. allowing for us not to interfere with the current live one. i’m actually quite keen on this as i’ve been doing sketches/mockups, and through experience i’ve learned that it massively helps if one works in the final environments with it’s constraints, sooner rather than later.

just not sure what the domain solve would be, maybe route the dns to point to a subdomain, something like a “beta dot”. just an idea

That can be done simply using a different page on the wiki, this is what I was doing when I decided to drop it. You’ll see I didn’t get far… :smile: You can copy/paste code from the current home page, or my test page, or start from scratch, your call.

Great to hear you have ideas, looking forward to seeing them…


@maki.mukai @tom.kelly @YeJi.Kim @lei.hao & other Admin, who operates ?

not much can be found

this/these people are needed to be part this conversation.

@misteraxyz involves members across all 3 organizations.

But I believe this would be separate as the Cardano Wiki will stay a community initiative - where community members can come together to contribute content that the community wants to see and help it grow in that way. In our view, its good to have all these projects running in parallel across the Cardano community :slight_smile:

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ok. this feels incredibly short sighted and not at all thought through…

so in short, cardano intends to be centralised.

now and into the future.

to be shackled and subservient to the three companies.

yes masters… :bowing_man:

if this if the case, respectfully i think it’d be prudent to cease the we’re morally superior to michael parsons with his cardano brand is proprietary mindset, as well as update the description on the website:

"Cardano is a decentralised? public blockchain and cryptocurrency project and is fully open? source "

perhaps you’ll all be singing a different tune once the tide has turned, shit hits the fan, when it’ll be too little too late…

I am just going to say very few words here as I can see how you might be seeing the partners centralized into the future, it has always been something I look into, but I think the path forward is not clear how to turn it all over to the community yet it is something that has been mentioned as the ultimate plan and tbh I think that none of it can truly be done without Goguen in place and a sustainable voting model.
Just sayin man.

Those threads you mention above are in my to reply to list, I will get there when my procrastination goes to sleep :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey everyone! Hope you enjoy your retirement @RobJF I’ve been following the project for a while now and have a good background knowledge! I have already spoken to @vantuz-subhuman about contributing to the Wiki page! I have put together a bit of information already but wanted to know more about helping out with contributions on the page! So was wondering who’s taking over the project! Many Thanks!


cool, care to expand on this

Hey, yeah so I’ve noticed that the education page needs a bit of work! So I’ve begun to put together overview pages detailing information of each of the aspects of the project. Starting from a basic description of what Cardano, leading into a description of the phases and then into a description of the protocols and how the system is designed.

Now, this is a huge amount of work so I’ve started on the basics and hope to gather more pages as I go! But wanted to contact you guys first before I set about adding these pages to the Cardano Wiki! I’m a passionate Cardano fan, as I say I’ve been following the project for a while, and have a good understanding, so I wanted to contribute something to the community! Hope we can build a good trust and build a great Wiki page that we can use to help educate others on Cardano!


neat stuff!

i’d advise to just go ahead and edit or create whichever pages you think could be improved and should exist. (it won’t go to waste whichever direction the wiki takes - as contributions could all be copy pasted over to a new home in a worst case scenario)

the transition dependancies are not restrictive at the moment as things like the hosting & domain name have been paid for sometime:

personally, as i’ve expressed, i believe the wikis home needs to fold into the wider community (as a sub-domain) and not be separate, and so have been working towards a proposal in that direction.

i’ll be sharing more details and progress on it on the community call later on today.

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Thanks will do! Still collecting information so will start posting soon! Feel free to let me know if I can help out in any way!

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All contributions are welcome, but I’d be careful not to “reinvent the wheel”. There’s not much point merely duplicating what’s already been done well elsewhere. Of course if it hasn’t, that’s a different scenario. In any case, I believe the wiki should link to anything and everything that’s any good in the ecosystem. At this stage we should all be cooperating to boost the project, not competing to carve out bits of it for ourselves.

That’s fair enough, just thought I would try and help out and add some content, In my experience in the telegram channels, it would be nice to be able to post links to the different sections of the Wiki sites to just give a brief explanation of topics. My intentions were never to carve out my own bit… just wanted to help out and contribute to the ecosystem.

Sorry, sometimes I express myself a bit more strongly than I mean to, ask any of the regulars in here… :flushed:

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Its ok don’t worry! I respect the work you guys do, so I wouldn’t want to overstep the mark!

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As far as the wiki’s concerned I’d say go for it, do whatever you think is right, if people disagree they can chime in later.

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