Will Daedalus software work if I switch users

will Daedalus software work if I switch users .

Hi I am using a Mac computer to stack ADA. I put it in my wife’s class room because at home i dont have internet and to save electricity,I really like that the internet is really fast , but my concern is if the computer is going to be used mostly used on with different user than me will that affect my staking results or participation in the community ?
thanks for all your work . based in the USA

As long as your other user does not have root/administrative access and logs in with their ID, they will not be able to open your wallet account, and even if they do get root access - they will only be able to see your funds, not be able to spend from it (since that would require the spending password).

But overall I’d say that’d be a bad practice (eg: admin access on a shared computer can easily add a keylogger and add an exception from your security software). You’re better off using a light wallet like Yoroi instead, if internet speed is your only concern.