Will Voting Be Mandatory

He Guys,

Getting a high voting percentage will be difficult.

In order to get high voting participation, will voting be mandatory for Daedalus and Yoroi users?

I think it should be mandatory tbh…

If there is a vote going on and you want to use Daedalus/Yoroi then you must vote first before you can access your wallet.

So if voting is NOT mandatory, then how will you get hight participation?

Please inform how this will work


The voting, as I believe, is over, and making voting as mandatory goes against liberty for all.


My question was about future voting.

The Cardano governance can only succeed if people vote.

It is not about liberty, but about your duty.

If you want to be part of Cardano, enjoy their free wallets, dapps and financial OS, the only thing you need to do is vote…

But let’s vote whether we should make it mandatory :slight_smile:

Voting is not a duty its a choice what you are proposing is a dictatorship, ie if you are holder of ADA and you don’t exercise your vote then you’ll be punished/chastised/banished there will be no one to vote as everyone wouldn’t touch ADA ever, you’d be on your lonesome.
I have to say it again it goes against everything that the free world has literally fought and died for which is in liberty for all, freedom from oppression.

If you’re serious in what you say then, and I say this from a loving place, you need some serious intervention.

I guess this is what democracy and voting is all about…different opinions. All good from my perspective