Win the Fee! [WTF]

Win the Fee! is a pool which gives away the 340 ADA fee each epoch.

Delegators can win up to 25k extra ADA / year.

Currently there is only one delegator with 13k ADA, which means they are going to win the lottery every time.

Ticker: WTF
Pledge: 500k
Current Stake: 3M
Fees: 340, 2%


Each delegator is given one lottery ticket for every 1000 ADA of active stake.
One lottery ticket each epoch will win the 340 ADA prize.
The prize is sent the same day the first block of the epoch is won (no need to wait 2 epochs).

The lottery runs every epoch in which we win a block (currently about 90% of the epochs).
The lottery is active as long as the pool has less than 20M active stake.

Delegators receive their normal ROS %. The lottery gives them extra winnings.
Delegator stake1u8zjyfm’s 2.5M ADA is not included in the lottery (because it’s ours).

More details available at

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