Wireguard setup on VPS

Hi all,

Having a hard time getting wireguard setup on my test pool. I have 2x VPS, one working as the block producer and another working as the relay. Wondering if anyone has had success setting this up? Tried the coin cashew guide and made by BP the local / server for wireguard and the relay a peer/client. After setting it up the wg vpn seems to be running (checked with sudo wg and able to ping vpn at each vps). Problem is when I try to route the producer and relay through the vpn by changing the topology files my BP drops its IN connection from the relay. Looks like its still going throught the usual port instead of the vpn. Any ideas how to fix this?


you can find users in this thread who used wg:

so does your nodes listen on wg interface?

Have you changed your topology to use the Wireguard IP Addresses?
If you are able to ping the WG IP adresses of the other peers the connection in general should be fine.
Typical pitfall in the configuration is that the routing is not setup if the connection is configured manually. For this reason I use wg-quick which takes care about defining the routes automatically.

Never looked at how the coincashew guide describes the process.