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Price is speculative or utility? (my opinion utility)

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If you’re talking about the current price, what’s the current utility?

Because future utility is speculation!


Current utility is paper wallets, bft, low transaction fees + much more

We have different definitions of “utility”.

I mean, in this context. Yes these things are good, but they’ll have very little effect on the price, relative to actual uses of ADA such as smart contract fees, general spending etc, which is what most people mean by “utility” in crypto.


for sure, but give the project some credit lol as you are a leader.

I think we have seen some definite Utility of every part of Cardano, but to say Smart contract fees is what “most people” find utility is offensive based on the lack of consideration of third world countries and their lack of banking.

That’s not what I said. You’re missing the point that “utility” has a particular meaning in crypto, more specific than its general meaning. ADA is a “utility coin” but what makes it that is in the future, not the present.


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Ah gotchya my bad hahaha. Your a great leader for sure i was just getting all defensive thinking so generally, yes i agree with that its a utility token, and even a commodity atm? Im not entirely sure thanks to lack of clarity from s.e.c lol <3

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I started to see the promise of utility with Yoroi. Confession. I have never downloaded Daedalus. When I could easily enable a chrome extension and rather quickly transfer value, :ada: started to get much more useful to me.

The utility appears to be around the corner, but right now it’s still speculation for the current :ada: price lift.


were gonna turn them speculators into mighty mice that run the machine muahaha #staking,

Also, Daedalus is pretty fast now compared to earlier times, if you want to compare the difference in speed from before, you’ll see that Daedalus downloads the full node like twice as fast :smiley: its such a relief now. I honestly haven’t used Yoroi yet haha which is weird, but i hate to think a browser has my keys somehow, its just remote administrator tools are my phobia and i know they can happen at the click of a java “drive-by”. Definitely keeping a separate wallet if use Yoroi, although java drive-bys are kinda old school, but similar methods can exist.

Hard to figure out price when the system isn’t even fully functional. Everything so far has been pure speculation. Many solid facts regarding progress have taken place. Those feature improvements are not speculative obviously. Price is a different animal.

Look at ETH. Note the number of tokens released to the market compared to the number released to the Cardano market. Dramatic difference. if I were better at statistics I might suggest we may see $3.00 in a couple years. Some very nice projects like MKR and BAT are developing well on ETH and projects like those will build a healthy system.

If Cardano can recruit business with high use and not just seasonal projects like those in agriculture it could do well. I am very interested in seeing the companies new direction. Since Jamie Diamon made his announcement about JP Morgans in house stable coin being used to transfer $6T a day around the world it seemed like some wind went out of Charles sails. It is just an observation. It was only a week or two later he announced a new direction for Cardano.

Price will be very had to guess at. Many major projects have partnered with Crypto developers already and are announcing their successes even now. AND we are still just getting the software completed. I’m committed to this project, hold a pretty good fist full of the tokens and have some long term high hopes for valuation.

Parsons really shot the dog as he sat on his hands for two years. I believe the project has suffered competitively because of his ineffectiveness. I’m very upbeat about the project. Parsons is a point of very bad execution and deep disappointment. Much better days ahead!!

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Dang that was informitive, good observations for sure. I wonder if iohk will have a trick up their sleeve to combat with banked-backed coins and big players such as jpmorgan. I think some ways is the teaching of haskell and blockchain to developing nations, as well as their governments to accept it as currency.

I cant believe one guy stalled the whole project that long, i thought it was the formal verification and coding to spec that was taking the time it has. Parsons looked like a crook the first time he was on video, in London. Lol who would suggest debit cards in crypto lmao (grandpa).

Ill agree its speculation based on other projects, but compared to bitcoin, cardano is totally utility for transfering funds, but so is other coins, so not much goin in that regard.

I compare Cardano to Eos (scam) for similarity in max supply (not perfect but close enough if you divide by 20 or what ever the differnece is) and use case, with smart contracts, community and other capabilities similar, and obviously 5 billion was poured into it and the price rose to a height that compares well to cardano even after the bear market took full course, as well as other coins, but to stay at 3$ for a brand new protocol (that was never proven to be secure) and still stay in top 10 let alone top 5 some times, it just reeks of speculation, but i think well see this happen to Cardano.

I wonder if BAT and MKR will be satisfied with ethereum 2.0 or if they will expand to other chains, i use brave alot so BAT is on my watchlist for sure!

Interesting perspective Yeshuaschildren, especially the part about the wind being knocked out of Charles sails. I missed the part where he announced a new direction following JPMs announcement. What was the new direction if you wouldn’t mind?


Parsons stalled community development, partnerships and such, not technical development. One of the main factors there was the need to rewrite a great deal (I think actually all) of the first version. I believe this is the video in which CH explains the tech delays:


Not sure it is relevant to compare token numbers between Ethereum and Cardano given that Ethereum has had a head start of over 2 years.


Thanks for teaching me about the situation in depth. I appreciate it a lot honestly!

Thank you all for keeping this post alive. I pray we will serve the purpose we all want to serve under this honest system, and for it to never be corrupted with the sins of humanity…

God bless you all

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I’m going to be a little frank with you. Do you understand that people are affected by the presentations and affect of others. My impression of Charles reactions, his affect are that some of the wind was knocked out of his sail’s. I was simply expressing my impression of his reactions to the JP Morgan announcement by Jamie Diamon. So IT IS AN IMPRESSION; MY OPINION. To be as accurate as possible, Charles expressed to me in communications between he and I in a public forum, that he (Charles) wan’t upset but he was frustrated with Diamon because of Jamies history of nasty commentary about Bitcoin and crypto’s and then here he comes with one of his own. Could I have misread Charles? Sure!

The comment relating to a new direction was made directly by Charles in one of his last three AMA’s. He apparently is planning some announcements as to the new direction. Remember the Road map was taken down and we were told a new direction was going to be announced? Maybe you haven’t seen that particular part of the recent AMA’s. I have no secrete inside info. Charles said he will be announcing a new direction. I think it’s a very good idea personally. Don’t you? Engineers left the project for what ever reasons before the manuals were written for the projects and specifically Haskell >> Per Charles<< and Parsons sat on his thumb for 2 years and I guess refused to market Cardano to potential customers. This again is public information I suspect most of us know. If we are behind in the market it’s in my view for those two very distinct reasons. This isn’t a blame game. These are things that happen in very intense complicated projects. In aerospace we went through change ups all the time until we had the team that made things sing. I’d bet it’s much the same herein.

While I own my impressions and understand they are mine and could be incorrect anyone reading my comments can know two things. I don’t make stuff up and I do share info based on comments by key people. I do add my impressions and opinions. Shoot me. LOL I honestly do not believe I am incorrect in my words but can be, otherwise why make the comment?

I wish you the very best.

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I can’t wait for the announcements at the summit :innocent: :drooling_face:

If anyone wants to buy a house in Florida lmk! I’m a licensed real estate agent!

I have yet to hear Charles say that they are taking Cardano in a new direction… I know he has said that they plan to change the roadmap structure, but if you have a source where he specifically says something about “changing directions”, then that would be greatly appreciated.

I don’t fully understand why JPM coin impacts Cardano at all… JPM coin is simply a federated blockchain run by JP Morgan. How does this impact Cardano’s goals at all? It’s really just making a mockery out of the crypto space in general.


To be honest I didn’t expect such a long rant after my basic remark :laughing: , so thanks for taking so much time for writing.
Not sure what you’re referring to when mentioning “engineers leaving the project” at the very beginning, but I suspect you are talking about the Serokell team, a bunch of highly skilled Haskell guys from Russia who were commissioned by IOHK to implement the whitepaper and design the settlement layer of Cardano. They didn’t leave the project. They finished the mission they were commissioned for, then moved on. But they love the project so much that they’re still marginally involved with their own staking pool (Hephaestus)
As for marketing, people have been complaining since the beginning about that. But they didn’t want to understand that there was nothing to market during the first year, only a handful of servers at IOHK were supporting the whole blockchain.
You can’t do much with only a mainnet. Like many here, I have been on that boat since day 1 and clearly remember Charles explaining that in early videos, and it’s still valid today. Who knows what the summit can bring on that part.
I don’t have the time to find the said video but will post it if I can.