Withdraw reward in Daedalus. What happens if I do not withdraw?


Do I have to withdraw rewards from Deadalus or is it automatic to my wallet?
In case it has to be removed manually, can you help me with the steps to follow? And in this case, what happens if the Pool is disconnected or simply disappears and I did not withdraw the rewards? Do I lose them?

Thank you in advance for any help

Hi @Joper,

No you don’t have to withdraw your rewards. The withdraw address is part of your wallet and hence in your full control. So you can withdraw it whenever you want. There is no time limit. And since the withdraw address is yours, it doesn’t matter what happens with the pool. Of course if the pool stops you wont get new rewards and need to redelegate, but your rewards are yours.

Hi ADA4Good thanks you very much for your fast response. I understand.

It’s the same in Yoroi Wallet?

Thanks again for any help

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Same for Yoroi or any other wallet for that matter. Just make sure you have your seed phrase and the ADA and the rewards will follow you wherever you restore your wallet, regardless of what happens to the pool. This is one of the beautiful things about Cardano. You don’t have to trust any of the pools or pool operators to give you your rewards, the pool operators have absolutely no control over that. Unlike mining Bitcoin for example, for Cardano this is built into the protocol and the protocol is what distributed rewards to you directly. Pool operators simply maintain the network on your behalf so you are delegating that responsibility to them but reward collection and distribution is part of the protocol itself.

Happy staking
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