Wordpress of Sorts for Dapps

Ease and familiarity are words that come to mind when people reference for considering Wordpress. Not taking a stance on build quality.

How easy will it get for everyday people to create a dapp on Cardano? I mean like, a 7th grader. Consider it a wall of intimidation for some folks, even adults I study. There are projects on Ethereum that are using this terminology to attract people with much less confidence in this arena. A good move. Not everyone wants or cares to become savvy in learning code, and thats fine. Ignoring them is foolish as the image of ease of use from perception of valuable.

3rd gen includes 3rd gen use-ability in terms of the white belt crowd. I imagine it will take a ico on Cardano that touts this similar to one on Ethereum, but is that even nessesary with Cardano’s build itself? A guess…possibly a drag and drop style of programming if that even makes sense…

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Wordpress users != Wordpress plugin developers. Dapp users != Dapp devs. Some savvy is required for any kind of programming, we just don’t have the tools yet that would allow a “7th grader” to write a program that does exactly what the designer expects. Reusable libraries and simple languages like Marlowe can be constructed to make the process simpler.

drag and drop style of programming

See Meadow.


Thank you for a wonderful response. All in good time.

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