World Mobil Token

Anyone else getting involved with this project? Obviously Cardano based.

It’s very much along the ethos of Charles H…Banking the unbanked, giving digital identity to billions of people currently being denied access to the internet etc.

The token sale was a success…all 200 million sold and raised funds for expansion of a network down through Africa.

But I’ve lived in Africa and it’s a difficult place to do business. I think it’s going to be a massive challenge putting the infrastructure in place. I also wonder if Starlink might be a potential threat?

Anyone else here involved? Like a lot of you lovely folk, I’m not here to make money…rather love this technology and that it has the potential to change the planet.

It’s forgotten that Banks are just middlemen. And they became greedy and corrupt and pushed the FIAT financial system to collapse. But that’s all they are…greedy middlemen manipulating our lives.