Would like to join a pool

New to Daedalus, but 3 years of investing. I have accumulated some 140 K worth (113k-Daedalus / 20k-Etoro).
Willing to dive in. I have questions that I would rather have answered and discussed on phone if anyone is willing.
I am willing to share my number and be discreet.

Why? Why not just ask your questions in here like everyone else? :slightly_smiling_face:

Now that you have told everyone how much ADA you have, I’m sure someone will want to talk to you on the phone. NOT a good idea!

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Okay, that’s that then. Thanks, I’ll go another route.

Good to hear. There is plenty of information available on staking and it is a very straightforward process. Best of luck!

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You can search for CHRTY pool in order to support us!

You can find on twitter/telegram


Yes, I read your post earlier. I have been serving volnerable children and families (DCF) in Vermont for 25 years, so your Charity got my attention.

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Swifty, my pool is not far from you at all, as we are based in Boston. Nice to meet you. Though my pool is for-profit, I have committed to giving 20% of all gross earnings to 2 charities - both serving children, one is focused on homeless children in Boston, and the other serving developmentally disabled kids in my original hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I’d be grateful if you’d consider staking with me (KARMA pool) - and would be glad to chat on the phone if you’d like to direct message me. Best to you.

When you will decide we’ll be here… I know we are a small pool but we are at the begining and with love and trust we’ll grow;

We have a phone number on our website for any questions (atmstakepool.com)