Write and verify data hashes in Cardano

Write and verify data hashes in Cardano
Store and lookup (encrypted) hashes of data in Cardano.

Sometimes we want to prove that a file or log entry was irrefutable not modified. Like in a Court of Justice.

We can be more certain that a system was not tampered with by taking more security measures. But in some cases an employee like an administrator or hacker would theoretically be able to modify entries.

By writing hashes in a blockchain we can irrefutably prove that the data in a system has not been modified. If the integrity of a system is verifiable, then the level of security could possibly be lowered. Securing the integrity should always be in place, but in this case the focus could be leveraged between preventing and detecting.

I can configure my system to generate hashes of files and then start a script.
Is there some code I could reuse for this task? Or how should I tackle this?
And/or is there a company (preferable in the Netherlands) who could assist?

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