Yo Man of No Fixed Abode Here


Great to meet you all . Go the block chain revolution and how cool that we managed to find this gem peeps ! I’m so excited to learn more, but first maybe someone can tell me how too add a picture of me in the lil circle thing.


Hi @ManofNoFixedAbode

Welcome to the forum!
If you click on the user icon (top right on the page) > Settings > Account
-at the bottom of the account settings, there is an option to upload a profile picture.


Thanks heaps !


I hope you like the pic lol😜


Welcome Nicholas! I’m glad you enjoyed the community so far, I hope we can make it nice to everyone in here!

And for your Argentinian friends: ask them to give you mate or to cook some empanadas

good luck!


Welcome to the mothership @ManofNoFixedAbode!