Yorio camera

How do I enable the camera for Yorio app?

Huh? For what? Can u give us more details?

I’m trying to store Cardano Ada coins on my Ledger X from Viroi. I can’t figure out how to get my Ledger’s Cardano address. I’ve been flailing around but only get “Waiting for commands” on the Ledger itself, and Ledger Live doesn’t give me the option to receive into Cardano. Cardano is installed on the Ledger X. What am I doing wrong? Thanks. Using Ledger Live app on iPhone.

U will need to connect the ledger to yoroi

On yoroi click:

  • add wallet (shelley era)
  • connect ledge

after all on yoroi, near wallet name u should see ledger…

U can watch to this video

I’ve done all that, but using the stand-alone Yorio iOS app. When Yorio connects to my Ledger X, nothing says anything about exporting public addresses. The Ledger app say Waiting for commands.

U need to connect/pair the ledger with yoroi

On your mobile in yoroi… do u see the ledger word near the wallet name?

U don’t need to create a simple yoroi wallet

I think I’ve finally got it. I’ve been expecting Cardano to show up as an account on Ledger Live, which it doesn’t. So, Yoroi sucks in my public key from the Ledger X and stores it in itself, then uses that key to masquerade as my Ledger X to perform transactions on the Cardano block chain. I guess Ledger Live doesn’t really understand how to navigate the Cardano chain, so can’t read the value of the transaction despite owning it. That’s why Ledger Live shows no account. Yoroi can read the chain and get the value, but only acting as an agent, not a principle.

Only cost me 1.1 ADA to figure that all out.

But if it only takes my public key to make transactions as me and the public key is, after all, public, why can’t just anybody play with my ADA?

Nope because u must confirm the transactions from ledger

Ah, ok. Missed that. And only the Ledger has the private key needed to authorize the transaction.

Very informative conversation. Thanks.

You are welcome