Yoroi Address Book - Selection Criteria

In the Yoroi wallet, there is an AddressBook option on the Receive tab.
Pressing this option produces a list of addresses

The flyover hint for the AddressBook Option says:
"Addresses that do not belong to you but are relevant to your wallet"

I see delegated addresses which start with the prefix “addr1q” and undelegated addresses which start with the prefix “addr1v”

Then I see addresses that start with “Ae2tdPwUPEZ” or “DdzFFzCqrhs”
These are undelegated addresses.
I guess these are Byron address?

Also, I should note that adalite selected one of these undelegated addresses (prefix Ae2tdPwUPEZ) which had a balance and successfully used it as the input for a transaction. So the address must belong to me even though the fly over hint says it does not.

Most important, Can anyone explain the discrepancy?

Also please,
Can someone please tell me what is the criteria for the selection of these addresses?
Could I get the same list using a blockchain explorer or some other query technique?
If so, how.

Much thanks.

“Relevant to your wallet” are all addresses that appear in transactions from and to your wallet as far as I know.

Addresses starting with addr1 are Shelley addresses and, yes, since the first byte of the content prior to BECH32 encoding tells us, what kind of address it is, you probably can distinguish that addr1q is delegated and addr1v is undelegated, but there are more. addr1w is an undelegated contract, addr1z a delegated contract, … I’d have to check if other letters are possible, since the first letter should encode more than the type byte. Details are in CIP 19.

Yes, Ddz and Ae2 are Byron-era addresses. They differ in the derivation of the master key from the seed phrase. Details are in CIP 3.

It’s quite impossible that Adalite could spend from a Byron address if you do not own a Byron wallet and had exactly that wallet opened in Adalite at that moment.

It is possible that addresses belonging to your other wallets appear in that list. I’m pretty sure that they do not do an analysis over all imported wallets, but just the one you are currently looking at.