Yoroi connection to Ledger appears to fail when 2FA in use

Excited to see the support for Ledger from Yoroi - great work!

Followed Sebastien’s excellent YouTube step by step instructions:

  • Ledger with current firmware
  • Cardano installed on Ledger
  • Current Yoroi
  • Attempt to create new wallet with Yoroi on Ledger

This is where it fails. My system is setup with a hardware 2FA (Yubico’s Yubikey) - this is requires for both logon, and any elevated privilege access (sudo). When Yoroi attempts to connect to the Ledger, the Yubikey flashes - indicating it requires a touch in order to grant elevated access; after doing this, the wallet creation in Yoroi fails.

Ledger appears to still be working fine for the other currencies stored on there.

Any advice appreciated. Thanks,