Yoroi: Ledger model selection when creating a hardware wallet

Hello all!

I have been a happy Yoroi user for the last months who recently bought a Ledger Nano X.

The process of creating a new hardware wallet was pretty straight forward overall. However, I don’t fully understand the step of specifying which Ledger device I’m having (Ledger Nano S or Ledger Nano X). Aren’t the devices virtually the same when it comes to creating a new wallet?

I was thinking for a moment whether the instructions shown would be somewhat different depending on the device, but the interface of both devices is pretty much the same and it wouldn’t make sense to complicate it. Is there any other reason for the Ledger model selection?

What would happen if I try to create a new wallet selecting Ledger Nano S if I have a Nano X, or viceversa?

Thank you for your insights!