Yoroi Now Supports 2nd Snapshot Balance Check


Lets GO !!!

Ok to move funds back to Yoroi-ledger?

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Yes all clear for that, just keep those key words safe to use on the testnet :+1::grin:

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Bravo to the Yoroi Team!!

Love Yoroi!

I installed Yoroi with Ledger Nano S together, so any transaction has to be signed using Ledger Nano S
I don’t remember I had to write down any key words
Has anyone setup Yoroi with Ledger Nano S?
Do you remember if you had to write down any key words?

Thank you

The Yoroi ledger wallet requires your ledger Nano s seed words, and your ledger pin as the spending password. Once you send ADA to Yoroi-ledger, ledger is your security. By the way, I find the 24 word seed very reassuring in it’s resistance to duplication over 12 and 15 word mnemonics. Sleep safe!

Okay, that makes sense, thank you
24 word seed does provide a lot more security than 12 and 15 word seed
When staking is implemented on the mainnet, does anyone know if we can use the ADA “stored” in Yoroi + Ledger Nano S to participate in staking?

Yes, that’s planned.

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Thank you for that information, looking forward to it

On Nov 29 I had all my ADA in my Daedalus wallets. Nothing in Yoroi. When I checked balances today, everything matched up. It was recommended to remove the Daedalus Balance Check Wallet so I did. Should I remove the Yoroi Testnet wallet as well (There is nothing in it.)?