Yoroi on iOS - next features?

It´s a promising start! :slight_smile:

Which are the next features you would like to see?

  • PayPal Integration & mobile app interoperability (to be able to transfer ADA to a PayPal Gateway service that would exchange and send Fiat to a PayPal account, or transfer Fiat to a PayPal Gateway service that would exchange and send ADA to a Cardano Wallet address, just until merchants accept it?), we have to be able to spend and not only send & receive ADA
  • Facebook Integration & mobile app interoperability (to be able to assign wallet addresses to your family & friends, just until short names come?), we have to move beyond transferring between addresses, rather between identities / social media profiles
  • Sexy UI / UX Skins, better Ergonomics & Design, the look & feel is so important, customization, personalization, etc.
  • ?

This is a great development. One thing I would like to see with all wallets:

  1. Send max feature.

If I want to send all my ADA to an exchange, I shouldn’t be fiddling with amounts to get to 100% including fees.

Exchanges have that feature and it’s very convenient.

Better yet just show the sending amount net of fees so I know how much I am sending AFTER tx fees. If I am sending money to buy something I want to be able to see how much the vendor gets after fees.

It’s a small feature but makes a ton of difference


I would like to have a list of known addresses (wallets I send/receive frequently from/to). I know that people can generate new addresses on the go which sort of goes against such requirement but it would be convenient to have some contact list in the wallet (same as in internet banking).

Another feature I would like to see in the future, once Ledger Nano S and similar HW wallets are supported, is to have some easy migration process within the wallet (similar to Yoroi enabling transferring funds from Daedalus using the passphrase).


Let’s start with PayPal integration
Subscriptions and Redemptions (purchases and sells)


Yes I really miss the opportunity to spend ADA. Just transferring between wallets is “boring and little value” compared to you actually being able to participate with it in all the various eCommerce purchasing experiences. Well at some point it will be also transferring between wallets :slight_smile: but it takes time …

Maybe an ADA debit card is not feasible, but for sure a PayPal Gateway Service is “easily possible” (though you do have some considerable transaction costs to bear). Or even an additional integration with Amazon Pay.

I want to hold ADA in my Yoroi on iOS and be able to load up my PayPal account with any Fiat and the other way around just by tapping for 3 seconds.

Of course once merchants start to accept crypto (BTC) we do not need PayPal & Amazon Pay anymore. But at least until then this could be a feasible workaround.

Once this feature is combined with the social media integrated address book we enable for some real network activity.


I share your passion as well
In the end I’m sure this will be considered as well

What do you think of ADAPAY?
An intergration with mobile wallets, PayPal or e-commerce might just be something on the team’s agenda :wink:

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AdaPay is not convenient enough if I got it right from the experience described here:

You can’t have less convenience then with other payment methods …

Actually due to the 20sec block time I would expect Cardano to have also a second tier lightning network at some point. You can’t wait 20sec for a payment to complete. Of course it can run asynchronous in the background, but still it feels a bit long. Let’s see what is the user experience once we have such an option.

You could run a faster BFT consensus on CL to facilitate cardano’s use case as medium of exchange.

I could see a company or a consortium of companies implementing that for a slightly higher fee than SL.

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I won’t pretend to understand the technical specifics behind the choices made but if I’m correct the choice for 20 secs has something to do with security guarantees

IOHK have very smart folks in service who researched this and based on their research decisions were made.

Are you saying that the time should have been shorter?

Perhaps as time passes by and the tech matures there will be room for improvements but for now I trust the team behind IOHK

Good point. Perhaps this is something the R&D team from EMURGO have already considered

Maybe you should ask them

That would be a great feature

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I’m not sure I understand the obsession with wanting to convert ADA to fiat to be spent… Could someone please explain to me why I would convert my ADA into fiat and spend it through a PayPal portal? Why wouldn’t I just pay with the fiat that already sits in my PayPal/bank account? To me, it seems like cryptocurrencies really aren’t being used to solve a problem in this scenario. We are just creating an exit point. No one is going to think, “Oh, I should buy ADA and convert it through PayPal because it gives me X, Y and Z benefits over sending funds from my bank account.”

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It would allow you to spend ADA in eCommerce / Mobile Apps / Mobile Pay / etc., even if in the end it’s converted to Fiat.

There is no spend at the moment and transactions have a low value due to this. Ask yourself how many ADA transactions do your trigger per day?

Of course the future is when merchants might directly accept ADA, the network is extended to them as well, but it’s still not here and we need workarounds until then.

Let’s say for instance you would convert 50% of your fiat salary to ADA then anytime you want to engage in eCommerce you would use the seamless PayPal / Amazon Pay Gateway service for convenience.

Now if you have mass people who pick up on such a habit, frequently spending ADA via Fiat Payment Gateways you will be able maybe to better incentivize merchants that they should accept it as a crypto payment, which would dramatically lower the transaction costs.

Also it would generate much more transactions in Cardano then today.

The Cardano Community could pick up these ADA spending habits already (this is the hard thing!) irrespective that the merchants are not yet ready.

It’s important that the cryptocurrency must be at least lightly deflationary, so end of bear market would be a better time to introduce such new payment features.

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Why would I do this? It is not convenient to move fiat from my bank to an Coinbase, buy BTC/ETH, transfer it to Binance, swap for ADA, move ADA to Yoroi, then move ADA from Yoroi to PayPal gateway. This is, however, inconvenient. This does not promote adoption nor is it a use case that solves problems. It simply allows me to feel like ADA has value, when in fact, I have to pay fees to Coinbase, Binance, and to the Cardano treasury/stakepools. Not to mention, then I probably lose money again converting from ADA back to fiat through the PayPal gateway. At the end of the day, merchants will be getting paid in fiat. The only person that knows that you paid in crypto is you. So if it doesn’t benefit you, why go through the hassle and pay all those fees to middleman after middleman??

Crypto offers these benefits to merchants:

  1. No chargebacks. You don’t have to worry about someone calling and telling their bank or credit card provider that the purchase was fraudulent or that you didn’t like the service and are now refusing to pay for it.

  2. Fees are significantly less. If you pay for a new TV that costs $1,000USD, credit card merchant services would likely charge in the realm of $15-20. If you paid directly with crypto, it might cost in the neighborhood of 1-3 cents. Multiply that by the volume of some of these big box stores and they would be saving a ridiculous amount of money.

  3. Merchants get paid instantly. No waiting until the end of the month for your merchant services provider to settle with you. You actually get your money on the spot. These funds can turn around and be spent immediately after if need be. This is a big deal especially for small and medium sized businesses.

I think the focus should be building solid UI/UX options for low cost (mobile?) Point-of-Sale solutions. At that point, merchants could allow you to pay in crypto at whatever the current rate is, and then they could convert it to fiat (if they so choose). This would only incur one conversion fee instead of several. Additionally, in many third world countries, it would allow for merchants to engage in digital commerce and keep clean records of their transactions.

I absolutely agree with PoS terminals and Charles has mentioned this many times as part of the Africa strategy. Eventually we need 50 USD cost Cryptocurrency ready (secure integrated HW wallet) mobile phones with camera, NFC & Bluetooth.

However you need a stable cryptocurrency for merchants to directly accept it or at least a deflationary one. Maybe a Cardano Stablecoin.

Why would I go through all that inconvenience? To support the Cardano adoption. Btw you could buy ADA from your bank account directly (step 1) and then transfer it to Yoroi (step 2). After that whenever you would spend from your Yoroi wallet this should be done seamlessly (having the PayPal / Amazon Pay Integration in the background once configured then automated). I think it’s possible to improve this process and make it lean.

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I wish I could like this more than once


I am not sure Paypal is so keen about Crypto. Paypal is at the moment enhancing integration with Banks.

Its competitor Square on the other hand is working to support Lightning Network.

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