Yoroi - Received transactions not added up to total amount?

Hello. I was using CoinTracker to track all my crypto assets. I manually added each of my wallet addresses, I then realised that the final ADA amount on CoinTracker didn’t add up to the total amount as on Yoroi. I noticed that the problem seemed to originate from the first transaction I made to my Yoroi wallet. It shows the amount received going in, then another transaction (slightly less going out) being sent out again. There is now only 1.5ada in that wallet I never sent this amount out of the wallet and I know it’s still there as it’s adding (the original amount) to the total in my Yoroi Wallet. I’m really confused about what going on here as it’s frustrating at my CoinTracker amount is incorrect. I hope that makes sense. Any help would be appreciated. Andy

I’m not sure I understood the issue completely, but regarding the small transaction going out that was together with the one coming in, that is how the UTxO model works.

More info about that here:

Thanks for getting back to me. To make it more simple. The received amount of ada doesn’t add up to the total amount of ada in my Yoroi account? Would there be any reason for this?

Many thanks, Andy

I’m not aware of any reason why it should not add up.

Can you check on cardanoscan.io by entering your address in the search field and checking the Controlled Stake Key section, if that sum is as expected or if it equals the sum in Yoroi?