Yoroi Shelley now says Standard Wallet

Hi - new here to the forum.
I set up Yoroi Shelley Wallet on Edge browser a few weeks ago. Transferred ADA from Coinbase Pro multiple times, and delegated my stake. All good.
This week I sent back the bulk of my ADA from Yoroi to Coinbase Pro, to test it out. All good.
I redeposited my ADA back into Yoroi and that went fine. The delegation pool is still the same as well.
However, I noticed that on the top of my Wallet, where the name is, it no longer says “Shelley” underneath. It now says “Standard Wallet” .

Not sure if that is an issue, or if I need to do something??? Any help /comments would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

From looking at the source code it seems like they are not referring to the latest wallet implementation as Shelley Wallet anymore. I guess that is the path to not confuse new users as they probably won’t know much about Byron Wallet vs Shelley Wallet.

Mine is showing Standard Wallet as well :slight_smile:

mcrio - Thank you very much for the response!