Yoroi Thinks My Ledger Nano S is a Trezor

Hi All,
I have a Cardano Byron account which is controlled by a Ledger Nano S.
Today I tried to spend a few ADA from this account.
I entered the receiveing address and set the amount.
Then I pressed the next button.
Then I pressed the button on the following screen which reads “SEND USING LEDGER”.
After pressing this button I saw the following message as seen in the photo below.
Yoroi is expecting a Trezor at this point but I do not have a Trezor - I have a Ledger Nano S.
I stopped at this point to seek help.
Please advise,
Thanks, John

P.S. Also I should mention that I would like to move my funds to a Shelly account.
I don’t think Yoroi allows the use of the Ledger Nano S with Shelly accounts.
Is this a correct statement?
If so then I will wait until that protection is available.

If it is possible to make a Shelly account which is protected by a Ledger Nano would someone please guide me to instructions which show how to do this.
Thanks again, John

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yoroi does currently not support any ledger devices.If you want to use or move your funds, use Adalite in the meantime.



Thank you @Zyroxa.
I will try Adalite.

Thanks @Zyroxa!
Anybody knows when Ledger will be supported?
Are we waiting for Ledger or for Yoroi?