Yoroi to Yoroi staking

thanks … appreciate your quick and honest response.
could not get what u exactly mean when you say " its not like stock and shares " … plan to invest is preety sure for monetary gain only … no other reason …lol

Thanks a lot for your help. I watch the video and no way I will not put my 24 password on Yoroi Testnet.
Thanks a lot

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He’s talking about the way it works, not the reason for doing it. IMO it’s obvious that coins/tokens are very different types of investment from conventional ones.


hi robJF ,
i just want to know when shelly mainnet is released for public , any one can delegate thier cardano in any stake pool ? is it correct understanding ???
2. when you delegate your ADA on shelly mainnet ( whenever its available for public ) you will still be not sending any of your real cardano tokens to the pool ?? right ???
3. suppose if something goes wrong on shelly / software issue or hacking or malfunctioning , is there a way to find out who owns how much ADA in thier wallet and restore that for public , so that thier investments are secure and not blown off due to any malfunction of cardano shelly / hacking of the mainnet ,as in past it has happened with many exchanges where many people have lost thier bitcoin to some hacking .

  1. Yes
  2. Yes
  3. No. Exchanges can be hacked by moving coins from one blockchain address to another, but blockchains themselves, the underlying machinery, are practically hackproof (that’s kinda the point, in fact). Anyway, there’s no backup of the sort you envisage.