Yoroi Trezor Pop Up Was Blocked

Ive ensure all software hardware is up to date… trezor has had a few updates… but I cannot seem to withdraw from my Yoroi wallet because of this popup problem. Any help is appreciated… I searching in these forums and reddits for a few hours…


Connect your trezor on adalite.io and perform teansactions from there…

PS: u can try another browser for yoroi


… or shouldn’t it be possible to just allow the popup? Next to the message in the browser that it was blocked?

What i discovered, was to select the puzzle icon near the extensions, and i went to ‘manage extensions’ , selected the “yoroi” and under, “Allow this extension to read and change all your data on websites you visit” I then selected “all sites” … problem fixed

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trying to send my ADA out of the Yoroi wallet, I am withdrawn, with drew keys, there is NO delegated ADA… using the “SEND” I want to “Send all ADA + all tokens”, i follow through the trezor, but the transaction is never posting… it looks successful to go through following all prompts… but then nothing is changed, the ADA is still there in the “dashboard” “Your Summary” “Total ADA”… am I missing something?

? do i have to include memo?

It sometimes takes a bit, until successful transactions show up in the history. If they are done from the same app, they should normally be pending, but … I don’t know.

No, memo is totally optional.

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