Yoroi wallet for pledge

Imagine this scenario. There is a Yoroi wallet, which received funds in several transactions. The Yoroi itself generated new receive address for each transaction.
Using “cardano-cli query utxo …addresssXY.” i can successfully verify individual balances of each such address. but I am unable to get the total balance.
Is there any way to pledge the total amount in the Yoroi wallet as such or must the funds be joined by another transaction in order to be able to pledge the total.

What are your thoughts?


How many addresses are these?
If you have just a few handfull you may enter these manually here:

This is a free to use platform. Which will compute you the total balance. I use it to get the total balance of ADA from all my wallets I have.\

Concerning the pledge I use several transactions to put all ADA in one address.


it is possible to register more owner addresses (pledge address) to a pool. you dont have to put all ADA into one address

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It is. But don’t you have to pay fees for every address to sign the transactions?
Imagine you have 10 to 100 addresses.
And then you have to automate it. I appreciate if you help to clarify this. This is what I remember at least when I played with the multi pledge idea.


yes, that is right. but to transfer all your ADA-s into 1 address also has fees. And probably more then if you just register more pledge addresses for your pool.

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Ok. Then I would like to make one more point.
Transferring all ADA to one address costs one time fees.
While signing with the multi pledge the costs will keep add up whenever we want to change some metadata parameters.
I just want to make sure I understand it correctly. Because I help many spos to setup a pool and I do want to use/teach the best practice.


but actually if you want to update the pledge amount it also requires an update on your pool registration. So 1st step would transfer ADA, then 2nd update the pool. But if you would have several addresses the 1st step not needed.
yes that is right - updating a metadata would cost more because of more owners.


how to pledge 2nd pool owner using yoroi???