Yoroi Wallet issue' Constantly showing me transaction confirmations! With no funds showing in my dashboard

G’day I really need some help here urgently…

I downloaded the Deadalus wallet and transferred all my ADA funds into the Deadalus wallet and commenced staking.

Two days later my Deadalus wallet node node was crashing so to resolve the issue the quick easy way I simply went to another computer & logged into my Deadalus wallet and sent all funds from Deadalus into a new Yoroi wallet using Yoroi thinking I won’t have any future problems with the Deadalus wallet crashing on me …

This is where my problem began’ I could clearly see the transaction sent from Deadalus wallet into the Yoroi wallet on the transaction tab in the Yoroi wallet however after sending this transaction the transaction did NOT appear in my dashboard page on the Yoroi wallet.

This transaction is stuck on my transaction tab page now for 2 weeks it’s constantly showing me high transaction confirmations!
I need this transaction to stop doing all these confirmations and appear in my dashboard balance! ( I don’t have access to my funds )

I want to be able to see & access my funds and see my funds appear in my Yoroi dashboard balance! So that I can stake them or send them to an exchange someday. Right now I am not able to do anything.

For shits and giggles I brought a bunch more ADA from exchange and sent these funds to the same Youri wallet and those funds appeared in my wallet dashboard balance instantly! and allowed me to stake those tokens or withdraw them.

The problem I am having is with the very first transaction I sent from Deadalus wallet into my Yoroi wallet not appearing in my dashboard nor letting me access those funds to be able to stake them or withdraw them, this transaction has been under confirmation status for nearly 2 weeks on my transaction tab page and not showing up in my balance on the dashboard!

How the hell do I access these funds? what’s going on please help me.

Can you let me know how to access theses funds so I can stake them or withdraw them & say clearly so that I understand why they are still not appearing in my dashboard tab?

Thanks for reading my issue hope you can please respond and resolve this problem easily for me

Kind regards :blush:


You can try to restore your yoroi wallet in other browser like mozzila or even on your phone after u will download the app

Restore yoroi walet and check if u are able to see ur balance.
Don not delete/ unninstall ur chrome wallet till u don’t have the confirmation that everythings are fine