Yoroi wallet recovery in iOS

Thank you for accepting me in forum.
Can I recover a Yoroi wallet which is created in Chrome in a iPhone app. of Yoroi?


using your seed words you can restore the wallet on which cardano wallet/application you wish.
Be carefull of SCAMS, do not share the words (report evryone who is asking you for the seed words) and use only official wallets/sites.

install yoroi on IPHONE, click add wallet → restore wallet

before to take any actions (on future) first ask here on forum… there are many airdrop scams right now.

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Hi, thank you so much for your immediate reply. I am going to create a wallet right away.
Sure, I will be careful for those scams.

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Is there any button I need to press to close this question, or can I just leave now???

hmm, you should have an option with solved/resolved. click on … and press mark sign

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I think I pressed the ‘solved’ button…
I’ll check it again.

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