Yoroi wallet release date

Does anyone know after the delay announcement if there is a new release date?
Just the next month? Will it be on September, October or maybe 2019?
Are there any testnet issues that could delay for months this?

Please if you have any update about the status write on this post.

Sorry I do not have the links for you.
This question is asked several times a day on telegram and so I am just echoing the words of Ruslin Dudin just so that you have an idea.

The testnet is delayed til the release of 1.4 - Mid October -
Right after that the wallet is expected.


Thanks for the update @hayamoto_jr, i can’t wait to give yoroi a test run, i’m not using any wallet since my transition to linux.

Really looking forward to see the design and features of yoroi. You wouldn’t happen to know if they are looking for beta-testers?

Bonus question: Why is there no dedicated TG channel for yoroi?

Currently their telegram links to community technical support channel, which sort of makes sense, considering some of the issues caused by daedalus for a minority of users.

I do think they should operate a separate TG channel as well, (this ofcourse would only be useful if they are open to input from the community regarding features or other requests, not to mention it’s a no brainer for visibility purposes).