Youtube scam, ADA giveaways, careful

This is my first ever message in crypto forums.
Yesterday my emotions (and greed off course) caused me losing 2600 ADA. This was started by watching live stream (apparently) by Charles Hoskinson exact replica of the Cardano site which was all fake under this youtube user. Initially user name was something ADA but later changed to Elosocuriosobuscador, not idea how. Why youtube not steeping up to stop these scams?

I have to say live stream looks very real with reference to [Link removed by @Zyroxa] and giveaway to 2 X Ada. Address I sent ADA. address:addr1qy703vt5uk3wpklex805u3rc9e328aqtdk7gpl4p36mv23pulzchfedzurdljvwlfez8stnz506qkmdusrl2rr4kc4zqe7kply

I know in crypto world you can’t reverse transaction but any help, advise to recover. I have all the required proof anyway.

Please be very cautious, never get caught to these giveaway attractive slogans doesn’t matter how fanc and professional they looks.

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Feel free to report such URL’s here : Jira Service Management

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Hello. I’m really sorry that happened to you. It also happened to my best friend for over 4000 ADA. I joined the Cardano community in April 2021 and invested my entire life savings after watching hundreds of videos researching it on YouTube where I came across these giveaway scams.

They are some the worst things in the industry and I would report them twice, once as Dangerous Acts, then again as Spam every time I saw one. One day Charles Hoskinson released a YouTube video saying cardano would never give away Ada and referenced these giveaway scams and said the community should do something about it since YouTube isn’t. I decided to create the Scam Squad to build a community of people who would take up the fight against these thieve, intent on destroying people’s lives and taking their hard earned money away from them and their families.

We tweet screenshots of these YouTube scams along with a link to the video so that everyone following us on Twitter can report them en mass and get these dangerous videos taken down IMMEDIATELY! My best friend hid what happened from me for about a week because he was embarrassed and couldn’t believe his money was gone for good. For a few months he stopped researching Cardano and would not buy any more Ada because what was done to him by these scammers left a bad taste in his mouth for Cardano and we can’t have these terrible people bringing a bad name to a good thing like Cardano.

Please join us in the fight and follow us on Twitter so you can help us report these videos. We have to make this a team effort since YouTube doesn’t do anything to prevent these videos from destroying lives. You can’t get the Ada back but you can’t prevent it from happening to someone else.

Thanks for reading.

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What’s your Twitter handle @ScamSquad ?

It happened to me for 25,000 ADA!! I am so depressed.

Wow. Sorry that happened to you.

@realscamsquad thanks for the interest

sorry to hear,why people can’t take their hands off whats not belongs to them :rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: sometimes i think some places like saudi-arabia has good law for thiefs cut their damm hands off.
rise up save money buy ada again health&family most expensive thing in your live money just a paper you can allways make
stay strong :pray::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

No, thank you

ATTN the site https// is come back. The hacker just change is ada adress.

I really do not understand how it is possible that the same hacker comes back with the same site and all that with impunity. Inevitably people will still be had like me. Frankly, this is becoming laughable. He really thinks he’s untouchable and that already disgusts me for the victims.