YouTube scam alert impersonating Cardano foundation

They cant. They can only filter words. I did a video

What IOHK can do is make similar video and use YouTube ads to show on Cardano related keywords.

Search volume isn’t too big wouldn’t cost much. It would show on top of every search before this pile of s*it.

As I wrote in article scammers are sure to apply this to other cryptos, QR code thing is scary.

It’s live around for 20 hours. I wrote a complaint to Youtube two time, but nothing has changed

[link deleted by @RobJF. Thanks but it’s better not to publicize these. You can also email]

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The “so many people” who spot this can only bleet to warn others.
What a currency needs is the ability to send dark, “blocking money”… to needless add extra time,
and limit their ability to download transactions… whilst their fate is a community vote.
The more that is sent, the longer a true scammer will wait, spammed by so many good-guys.
I will donate 1 pence in ADA to get back ten-fold, when medieval blow torch and pliers no longer suffice.

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