02.06.2018 - Summary of Charles Hoskinson's Video Update



Charles posted a live update from Kihei, Hawaii while on his workcation.


Here are some of the main points he raised:

Successful Launch of KEVM Testnet and Cardano 1.2

  • these have been well adopted as there are lots of bug reports coming in which is a good sign
  • they are now getting ready for next major testnet update, the IELE testnet
  • Charles will be heading to University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign to meet with his team and the Runtime Verification team
  • the KEVM testnet was launched first since it is structurally similar to what is being planned for the IELE launch
  • but this allowed them to create a nice baseline for comparison and to get all the kinks out
  • hopefully the IELE testnet will be released in July
  • IELE will ship with its own programming language
  • and will also be shipping with Solidity-to-IELE compiler
  • Basically, this means one can take a solidity program and compile it to KEVM or to IELE or to both

Integrating Cardano CL with Cardano SL

  • After Illinois, Charles will be heading to Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Here, conversations will happen on Ouroboros Hydra and on linking Cardano SL and CL together
  • Currently, Cardano CL is getting out into testing phase > that model is rapidly evolving and will not be development-restricted in terms of when it is released
  • but rather, it will be waiting for integration with Cardano SL
  • to accommodate that, changes are needed to the way Ouroboros works
  • the idea for this is formed, but they just need to write the code
  • they will also discuss moving Ada from SL to CL. Again, they have an idea on how to do this and the supporting proofs, but they will need to start series of discussions for going from lab to production

Cardano 1.3 and 1.4

  • development cut off for Cardano 1.3 will be in mid-June, at which point it goes into QA cycle
  • can anticipate something similar in terms of timeline as Cardano 1.2: cutoff for features occurred in April and the update was released in late May
  • both 1.3 and 1.4 are about improvements to the network stack and the underlying reliability of wallet code (formal specs for Cardano SL’s wallet are being implemented)
  • implementation will work its way into Cardano 1.4
  • for network improvments, they have seen a 400% improvement in the labs, in terms of download speeds and reliability enhancements
  • those with “connecting to network issues” should definitely see an improvement
  • also, once the new wallet backend is installed into code base - they are anticipating good scalability and improvements for enterprise and exchange deployments
  • they are also speccing improvements to the data layer: when you install Daedalus, it takes a lot of space and there are a lot of files (this is due to a poor design choices made by a contractor) but this is something IOHK would like to correct

In conclusion…

  • there are a lot of updates coming
  • Charles hopes to do a Plutus update, the other side of smart contract paradigm, which extends the UTXO model and allows more to be done with smart contracts

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2018. 6. 2 Charles Hoskinson 하와이 비디오 요약

For those of you that’s don’t recognize the name Ralph Johnson, he’s well respected in software engineering community, one of the so-called Gang Of Four which wrote the Design Pattern book that has been a foundation of many other software engineering best practices on how to write codes.


viability? validity?


Sorry about that. Thanks for catching @RobJF !
Typo: should be reliability


What does Charles mean by merge stake, is it a method to integrate SL and CL when sidechain is not implemented?


Where in the video is it mentioned?


2:47 in video.


Yes, it just means putting CL onto Ouroboros in such a way that it will be controlled by the coins from the SL