2021 and Shoutout

Super excited about getting more involved in 2021. I’m active on twitter. I’m launching a website and Cardano marketing campaign. My 13-year-old daughter is starting a company…ADA and Cardano, the first stake pool, will be front and center and part of our campaign. She’s passionate and dedicated to raising awareness, and get underrepresented people involved in tech. Stoked to become a stake pool operator. Going to give it my all. Blogs, podcasts, youtube, and more. Can’t wait!

I have to give out a HUGE shoutout to @cybershaman - He’s spent every day with me since I started. He’s spent time on telegram and helped me get up and running. Currently have 2 EC2 instances set up. Just need to get one more relay up, take care of security…and then finish the configuration. Can’t wait to go live. THANKS so much man. Appreciate you taking the time to help me.

Happy New Year, and here’s to an awesome 2021!!!


It was a pleasure working with you honestly, your background as a Javascript software developer really helped moved the process along, you pick up fast and have great attention to detail.

Can’t wait to see you guys blast off, great mission

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