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Where I can find link to testnet wallet?
I’m not sure if is that one.

Indeed that’s the testnet version of Daedalus but it’s for the Byron testnet. A new version of Daedalus for the Shelley testnet along with the staking features will be released along with more info closer to the time :wink::+1:


Thank you Josh.:ok_hand:

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I tink and hope it will be the same for yoroi? An testnet wallet will come soon? I could not find/read anything about that on the Yoroiwebsite

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Indeed, testnet Yoroi will come soon. It was mentioned breifly in this AMA by Emurgo: Here

Thnks josh, and i read it just also on this new site with clear information about the staking https://staking.cardano.org/en/

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The video you are speaking of by Philpa is it from his YouTube channel or the Cardano Effect?

Check this out and be sure to follow him. He is a wealth of great information. Cheers!

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Is it too late to participate?

Hi @Jeff_Flanagan So as per the article. On the 12th was the snapshot for the trial run. If your ADA is not in Daedalus or Yoroi then you can’t participate in that.

Later this month is the snapshot for the incentivised testnet, plenty of time to be part of that.

Check out the article you have commented on, will answer your question.

Great article. Its clear and succinct. Awesome work dude.

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Regarding removing/deleting local copy of Balance Check blockchain (1st Snapshot) downloaded for Deadalus Incentivized Testnet - Balance check wallet.

Does deleting the application (Deadalus - Balance check) also remove the corresponding blockchain on a local computer (Mac)? Any advice on removing/locating blockchain locally? Thank so much.