Double staking ADA?

I heard there were going to be two snapshots.
My question is what would stop someone from staking ADA on the first snapshot. Then moving the ADA to a second wallet for the next snapshot thus double staking the same ADA?
It seems like the ADA for the first snapshot should be locked up until after the second snapshot. Thoughts?

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Good question, there is an easy answer for it too.
The actual incentivized testnet will happen after the second snapshot, Charles say’s it very clear on his last AMA, the first snapshot is a dry run to allow people to become familiar with restoring a wallet on the testnet, basically a good practice run and a few weeks will be given to allow users around the globe to give it a try before the incentivized testnet is live - prety good way to approach this as it gives everyone a chance to be up and running on testnet as soon as it is available -its going to be fair imo, see the AMA at 5:00


Good to know thanks :+1:


It doesn’t matter how many wallets you have. The wallet is almost similar to a webbrowser it just shows you the content of the blockchain and enables you to interact… So two snapshots won’t fill two different wallets - this is simply impossible. :wink:

hello everyone,

So we are all excited waiting for the staking to be implemented. Most of us who want to participate in staking will delegate their tokens to a staking pool. As per my understanding, we would have to get let’s say two wallets in the daedalus, for example, one Spending wallet and the second where we are going to keep our staking coins, since we will not be able to spend our stake. Now my question is: is there a minimum of time your ADA would have to be unavailable once delegated to a pool or you can just cancel your participation in staking at any time?


You can spend or move staked coins at any time, the transfer automatically unstakes them, no need for two wallets.

Mainnet = Original network
1st Snapshot = A new network
2nd Snapshot = A 2nd new network? Overwrite of the 1st snapshot network?

Don’t transfer ADA between wallets of different networks (snapshots) otherwise you will loose your ADA , right ?

Snapshot is not a network, it’s a record of a network.

1st snapshot is “dry run”, of mainnet, for testnet.

Yes, 2nd overwrites 1st.

I don’t believe it’s possible to transfer between networks.


Thanks for the reply man! :slight_smile:

Regards, 9Apps
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